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La coutellerie Berthier, spécialiste du beau couteau 

In 2009, Mister Charbonnel received the Knight medal of the Order of National Merit.
A more than 190 years History...
Berthier’s cutlery, was established in 1820 by Alphonse Berthier, himself a cutler’s son. Since then, the firm has always been run by the same family and is presently run by Didier Charbonnel, great grandson of the founder. Didier makes a point in respecting the family tradition together with a will of opening it up to innovation.
Alphonse Berthier in the 1860's
The first "Rhodanien" clippers
A walk through History...
The shop in 1910
An holiday in 1930
  The shop from 1934 to today
Berthier's cutlery Today...
This leads Berthier’s Cutlery to support creation while keeping a know-how coming from past generations. Berthier’s Cutlery manufactures – sometimes with famous art cutlers – unique items, handmade or industrial collections.
Berthier’s fame is based on its creative capacity, on its drastic quality requirements, and on its will to answer the demands of the real cutlery lovers.
The Rhodanien
The Ardéchois
 The Vercors
Berthier’s Cutlery distributes French trademarks and imports special items. It is also well known for its creative spirit, for the perfect restoration of ancient knives, and for the way it welcomes the novice as well as the expert collector.
By having chosen to enter the web community, Berthier’s Cutlery wants to remain true to its image and hopes to thus have nice meetings, nice projects ending up in beautiful knives.
Besides its list, Berthier’s Cutlery offers the know-how of its workshop
- for any survey and realization of your project (manufacture of unique item, of limited and mass production),
- for any restoring or repairing (chromium-plating of the blades, silvering),
- for any personalization (engraving),
- for any maintenance (sharpening).
Do not hesitate to contact Didier Charbonnel 
The shop, 33 avenue Victor Hugo, 26000 Valence -FRANCE is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00.
Didier, Danielle, Nadine and Sébastien are looking forward to meeting you.
Company name Maison Berthier
Brands Coutellerie Berthier
Legal status S.A.R.L
Manager last name Charbonnel
Manager first name Didier
Head office 33 avenue Victor Hugo
Zip code 26000
City Valence
Country France
Phone 04 75 44 28 50
E-mail [email protected]
Web site
Opening hours 9h00-12h00 et 14h00-19h00
Intracommunity VAT No FR77435880224
Siret No 43588022400017
APE/NAF code 524J
Num CNIL 1240540
Publication director Charbonnel Didier
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