Bootleggers Wild Turquoise Bracelets

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Bootleggers Wild Turquoise bracelets is the story of the rebellion of Franck Merle, a French teenager loving freedom and old classic mechanics who decides to cross the US. The US yes, but the most remote, the most authentic, the wildest states. He meets, wanders, learns, discovers cultures and their often unknown origins, and it is in New Mexico that he will make his first bracelet in Navajo Turquoise and silver beads: "It was in a Room at this shabby motel called the Golden Desert Motel - 1205 Rte 66 NM - in the light of an old flashing sign and a 25-TV coin TV, remnant of the 60's, "he says. After several trips back and forth between the new world and the old continent, it's finally love that will keep him in France. Not being able to resign himself to leaving his adoptive countries far from him, he decided to perpetuate the manufacture of the bracelets discovered there, here in France, and more precisely 150 meters far from the Coutellerie Berthier!
Today design is inspired by his many travels, materials (AAA superior quality beads, cable made to measure for a greater resistance, ...) are chosen with the greatest care to produce jewels that will accompany you in every moment of your life.
A Bootlegger Wild Turquoise bracelet is the memory of a breakdown and the smell of oil on the hot asphalt in Nevada, the look of a country singer in a Cheyenne bar in the heart of the Wyoming winter, a spring wind whirling in your hair in the Montana plains.
A Wild Turquoise Bootleggers bracelet is a slice of this America, at the end of your arm.