DOUK DOUK Cognet knives

The original Douk-Douk is completely manufactured in the Cognet workshops in Thiers on the traditional and authentic way, with the same methods and materials that have made its reputation around the world. The steel is carefully selected. The production has remained almost entirely manual, guarantee you a high quality and fidelity to the spirit of the knife intended by its designer, Gaspard said Gaston Cognet. The only concessions to modernity: The blades of Colors range are stainless steel Z70 CD15 (surgical steel) which allows it to better resist corrosion while retaining excellent sharpness and color range declined.

Our knowledge and our cultural heritage has allowed us to dive in the heart of the history of our manufacturing and re-editing old knives formerly manufactured by our company: The Capuchin, The Truffier.

Made in France